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Although the leadership of Kamran LLC Construction Company has been arrested, refunding of cheated depositors never happened. A group of the fraud victims said this at today's press conference in IRFS Media Center. Their lawyer Tagi Huseynov, head of the Professional Lawyers Public Union, said the director of Kamran LLC Alakbar Babayev was handed 14 years' jail term by Baku Grave Crimes Court on April 24. Two other employees of the company, German Huseynov and Suleyman Aliyev each received 11 year's sentence. They were found guilty of fraud by abuse of position. The court also ordered for the repayment of money to defrauded customers, but also lifted the seizure imposed on the company's 16-storey building with a view that the building would be sold and the money received from sales will be paid to the cheated customers of Shaiq LLC. The sixty customers, whose rights have been violated, say the company sold the same apartment to multiple people at a time. The citizens suspect Sharur Inshaat company manager Isfendiyar Akhundov of being the mastermind of this housing fraud scheme, as he is the owner of the holding to which the Kamran and Shaiq Companies belong. "How many times should we complain to the Presidential Administration? Fuad Alasgarov, head of the department on work with law enforcement agencies, does not want to listen to us. Members of his staff treat us rudely. We want our rights to be restored. Let them pay back our money or at least give us apartments in Mehdiabad settlement or Khirdalan city. My husband has a serious illness. We have three kids. What can we do? If our state can't protect us, let them to deport us from the country" said the citizen Arzu Abdurrahmanova. Other citizens see the violation of their rights as a provocation against the president. They expressed hope that the president will intervene in the issue.
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Added: 2013-06-27
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