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Today, Sumgayit Appeals Court held a preliminary hearing on the appeal
filed against 4 May 2011 decision of Sumgayit City Court which
sentenced youth activist Jabbar Savalanli to 2.5 years in jail. Judge
Latifa Huseynova presided over the hearing.
Citing the lack of room in the coutroom, the supervisors didn’t allow
in the persons willin to observe the process.
After the hearing,  Savalanli’s attorney Asabali Mustafayev told
Objective TV that the parties testified in the process.
“First we filed a motion requesting to allow Savalanli to sit near his
lawyers rather than behind bars. The motion was reected. Then we filed
anther motion requring the court to launch another investigation into
the case and we presented relevant justification. The Judge didn’t
consider the motion,” Mustafayev said.
Speaking in the hearing, Savalanli said that the charge brought
against him is not grounded and that it is related to his political
The Judge scheduled the next hearing to July 7, 2011.

Azerbaijan Popular Front Party member Jabbar Savalanli is being
charged with drug possession, but it is widely thought that his arrest
was politically motivated, linked to criticism of the government he
posted on social networking sites. Sumgayit City Court sentenced
Savalanli to 2.5 years in jail.



Azerbaijan Internet Forum held a roundtable today to discuss if the
internet in Azerbaijan is ready to cover international mass events.
The forum discussed the preparation for Eurovision contest to be held
in Baku in 2012, the quality level of service, the prices, news
resources, language and technical conditions.
It was revealed that there is no enough information in internet about
Azerbaijan and Baku.
“The information in both local and global resources about Azerbaijan
and Baku is not sufficient. Most of the information is meant for the
users of Azeri and Russian languages. There is very little informaiton
in English,” Azerbaijan Internet Forum President Osman Gunduz said.
He also noted that internet providers cheats the users by limiting traffic.
“Azerbaijan’s local internet resouces are not ready to be used by
hundreds of users at the same time. Besides, the tourists will first
of all try to use mobile internet. The level of mobile internet is not
good as well. The mobil internet prices is by twice expensive that
those in Europe,” internet expert Rustam Aliyev said.
“All websites regarding Eurovision, including the official website of
Eurovision and mobile should pass communcation stress tests, ” IREX
manager Mursal Aliyev said.



A group of South Azerbaijani immigrants from Iran, settled in the
Republic of Azerbaijan, held a press-conference to speak about the
status of the immigrants.
Immigrant Babek Muganli expressed his dissatisfaction about Baku’s
negative attitude towards immigrants from South Azerbaijan.
He said that, although they have been living in Baku for a long time,
they got neither  the status of immigrant, nor citizenship or
permission to go to a third country .
Regarding this issue, they filed an appeal to to the president  Ilham
Aliyev and the representatives of 3rd Congress of World Azerbaijanis
planned for June 5th, in Baku.
Konfrans iştirakçıları rəsmi Bakının 35 milyon Güney Azərbaycan
türkünün İrandakı çətin durumuyla bağlı konkret münasibət bildirməli
olduğunu vurğulayıblar.
Conference paricipants emphasized the need for the governemnt to pose
determined position on the challenged situation of 35 million  South
Azerbaijanis in Iran.
According to them, democratic states are speaking  about violation of
human rigths, harrassment, insult, arrest and murder of Azerbaijanis
in Iran, whereas Baku’s silence on these problems cannot be
It was noted that, 35 million Azerbaijanis living in Iran cannot enjoy
their rights to read books or newspapers in Azerbaijan language. Lack
of Azerbaijani schools was also emphasized.
“Be it South or North Azerbaijan, it is high time to unite and
demonstrate national will,” the immigrants noted.


Today, another dispute broke out around Peace and  Democratic
Insititute office located in 38 Shamsi Badalbayli.
Up to date, Leyla Yunus had her employees wrote on the wall of the
building  that the property belongs to her and that her right for
property is protected by the Constitution of the Republic of
Azerbaijan. However, those labels were removed several times at night.
Today, she faced the same problem.
Earlier, there were problems between government representatives and
the owners of destroyed apartments in the same street.
“The labels were removed by Zulfali Ismayilov, head of the Executive
Power of Baku City Secretariat” Arif Yunusov, Head of Conflictology
Department of Peace and Democracy Institute reported to the
He said that there will be court proceedings on the lawsuit against
the Baku City Executive Power.


Today the State Statistics Committee hosted a scientific symposium on
"The development of independent Azerbaijan in figures", dedicated to
the 20th anniversary of the national independence.
The conference participants talked about the thorny path of
socio-economic development, pointing at the problems.
The Chairman of the State Statistics Committee Arif Veliyev said that
economic growth was achieved only in 1996.
The index of agricultural production compared with 1993 amounted to
158.1% in 2010. The volume of investments in Azerbaijan's economy in
comparison with 1994 increased 213 times.
The state budget revenues increased 54.6 times. In 1996, the size of
the cash deposits in banks amounted to only 12.1 million manat, and in
the end of 2010, this figure increased to 3,030 million AZN.
The demographic situation also improved, as evidenced by the growth in
the population. Since 1991, the population has grown from 7,324.1
thousand to 9,111.1 thousand people. The well-being of the population
also improved: in 2001 the poverty rate was 49%, and in 2010 this
figure fell to 9.1%.
The successes and problems of education in the country were reported
by Education Minister Misir Mardanov. The construction and repair of
about 2,000 secondary schools have improved conditions for education
of 1 million of the 1.3 million schoolchildren. In 1,000 out of the
4,520 schools broadband Internet has been set up. The minister said
that state expenditures on education grow every year and amounted to
AZN 1.3 bn in 2010.
The achievements in science were reported by the President of the
National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Mahmoud Karimov. According
to him, in the years 1991-2010 there were published about 4,500
scientific books and over 80,000 scientific papers, including 17,000
for outside the country. For the 20 years there were defended about
450 Doctoral and 1,700 Master theses. From the 2,600 scientific
discoveries obtained in scientific enterprises 750 were applied in


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