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Tariffs for Internet bacKbone reduced

The number of secondary Internet providers in Azerbaijan exceeds 25.

Reduction of tariffs by 40% by Delta Telecom for secondary providers from July 1 aims to improve the quality of the backbone Internet in Azerbaijan, said at a news conference today, Osman Gunduz , President of Azerbaijan Internet Forum.

According to him, still in the Internet Service Providers supplied smaller quantities than it was noted in the contract, and compared it with “short weight in market."

According to him, Internet traffic was divided by providers into 8-10, and more parts. Now they will divide it no more than into a maximum of four parts. Even under the current retail prices, the speed of the Internet will increase, and it can be considered as an improvement.

According to him, now service providers can deliver 10 Mbit /sec for 100 AZN, what is now by 2-3 times more expensive for users.

In general, the Internet situation in Azerbaijan can be considered as unsatisfactory.  According to official information, almost half of population has access to Internet. "But the main criterion in the world now is to ensure the broadband technology.  Even 10% of users in our country do not have such access," he said.

Property rights of citizens violated

Residents of building # 154 in Azadlig Avenue held a press conference to speak about the violation of their property rights.

Human Rights defender Alakbar Mammadov said that building was built in 1973 and it was first ever sixteen-storey building in Baku. As for the destruction of the building, there has been no official decision available.

Destruction of the building is implemented by Azinco, the company that did the same in Neftchilar, Fuzuli and Shamsi Badalbayli streets.

The residents received notification sheets about the destruction of building. However, the sheets don’t contain any information about who made them. About 50 of 84 families have left the building. Rests of the families are trying to protect their property rights.

The gas, power and water supply to the building has been intentionally cut off with the goal to make the  residents leave their apartments. The violation of the property rights of the residents in the building is led by Yusif Gambarov, a representative of State Property Committee as usual.

But the real reason for demolition is that from the top floors of the house it is possible to see the courtyard of the new presidential residence, said Alekber Mamedov.

According to him, the residents of the house have not been offered monetary compensation, but only apartment house in the settlement of Kishly built by AzINCO.

Residents have sent letters to the Cabinet of Ministers and Baku City Executive Power on destruction of building. However, they said that they don’t have information about it. “There is no legal basis; governmental organizations don’t have information about it. However, residents are deprived of their apartments” said Mammadov.

The residents will send letter to the presidential Administration, international organizations, and embassies of leading countries in Baku on violation of their property rights.

The Cabinet and the City Hall, where residents appealed said they know nothing about the demolition of the building.

"There is no legal basis for the demolition of the building, state structures know nothing about it, and citizens are deprived of their rights on property. State structures are not interested in who is doing it," said Alekber Mamedov.

Residents sent appeals to the presidential administration, international organizations and foreign embassies due to violation of their property rights.

Over 58 thousand disabled children in Azerbaijan

NGO Alliance for Children’s Rights held a press conference on alternative report on the situation of children’s rights in Azerbaijan. The report was submitted to Geneva-based UN Committee on Children’s Rights on 24 June.

According to the Alliance coordinator Nabil Seyidov, the alternative report was co-prepared 80 NGOs within 4 months. Unlike government’s report, the alternative report focuses on shortages and problems in the protection of children’s rights. The issues relating health of children, disabled children and their integration into society are serious problems.

Seyidov said that juvenile justice is important because most of children who committed crimes are punished as the grownups. “There is a need for juvenile prosecutor, lawyer and ombudsman for the defense of the children’s rights” emphasized Seyidov.

“Members of UN Committee on Children’s rights were curious for the situation of children on the front line zone. New settlements have been established for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in the front zone. Members of Committee are therefore concerned about it. They were also curious about the situation of juveniles studying in the military educational institutions” added Seyidov.

Members of UN Committee on Children’s Rights also were interested to learn about the situation of sexual exploitation of children, child pornography, and children’s trafficking. Seyidov also alleged that such children are not accepted as victim in Azerbaijan   and rehabilitation is not conducted. There is no mechanism to pay compensation for them. In addition, there are gaps in legislation on sexual exploitation of children. This kind of criminal case is not considered in Azerbaijan.

Seyidov said that it is important to have a juvenile court under the Court of Grave Crimes in Baku. He also said that current correctional institutions don’t the correct children, but disable them.  44 % of 62 juveniles released from prison during last 5 years committed crime again.

Mushfig Organization chairperson Valida Abbasova spoke about the disabled children. According to her, there are 57 941 disabled children in Azerbaijan. Disabled children under 18 years of age received 55 AZN benefit a month.

According to UNICEF report, there are 58800 disabled children in Azerbaijan. It means that about 900 disabled children can not receive their benefit


National concept needed for elimination of risks


Today, the report on the first phasee of the project “ Reducing risks in zones of emergency situation” was presented at a forum in Park Inn Hotel. The project has been implemented since is May 1, 2010 and will finish on July 31, 2010. It covers 15 villages of Ismayilli, Shamakhi, Salyan and Neftchala regions.

The forum  was organized by “Oxfam” International Humanitarian organization and “ Fovgal” Association with support of European Commission’s Humanitarian office. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Ecology, NGO and Mass Media representatives, experts attended the forum.

Forum participants spoke about the preventive measures for  reduction of risks in emergency situations, international experience, management of emergency situations, awareness-raising by media and so on.

Shovkat Alizade, representative of Oxfam in Azerbaijan, said that the main purpose of the project is to prepare national concept on preparing people to survive the disasters.

Experts believe that  a lot of risks exist in Azerbaijan. According to them,  a concept must be prepared to eliminate natural, technological and ecological threats.


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