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Journalist eynulla fatullayev speaks about his Europe visit

Former political prisoner, journalist Eynulla Fatullayev held a press conference today at IRFS press center to speak about the conclusions of his meetings in the Council of Europe. Fatullayev says that he was invited to visit by the Council of Europe leadership.

Fatullayev said that he has invited the special rapporteur on political prisoners in Azerbajian Cristoph Strasser to visit Azerbaijan as his guest.  According to Fatullayev, Strasser is expected to hold a conference on political prisoners during his visit to Baku. The rapporeter is expected to speak about the political prisoners in Azerbajian in the PACE autumn session.

Fatullayev has also offered Council of Europe General Secretary Thorbjorn Jagland to visit Azerbaijan and hold a dialogue with Baku officials. He believes that it could contribute to the protection of the basic rights of the citizens.

According to Fatullayev, the Council of Europe Ministerial Cabiet is going to pass a third decision on payment of compensation to Fatullayev by Azerbaijan. He noted that his appeal to the European Court of Human Rights regarding the narcotics charge brought against him in prison is in communicaiton phase.

Fatullayev spoke at European School of Politics about the Azerbaijani journalists’ access to information. He desribed the limited access of journalists to the information saying “The information itself is a state secret in Azerbaijan.” He noted that Azerbaijani President has not given an interview to local journalist during his 8 years of power.

Speaking about his future activities, Fatullayev said that he is going to publish a joint newspaper together with international organizations.




Jailed Azerbaijan National Statehood Party Head Nemat Panahli’s lawyers and relatives held a press conference at the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety.

The prisoner’s brother Samad Panahli noted that Nemat was placed in the punishment cell of Baku Investigative Prison on July 2. “The regime is willing to physically annihilate him,” he said.

Samad Panahli believes that the arrest is politically motivated. He said that the archives of his brother, confiscated during the search at his house, has not been returned yet.

“I have appealed to the President Ilham Aliyev requesting release of my brother. But after this, Nemat was put into punishment cell and the employees of PasaSigorta insurance company visited Nemat’s house saying that his property will be confiscated because of his debts,” he said.

“It shows that the campaign against Panahli is led by the President,” Samad Panahli added. According to him, their family is going to appeal to all international organizations, and seek an asylum from Turkish authorities.

Lawyer Samir Isayev said that they have appeal against the 6-year imprisonment sentence issued by Nasimi District Court.

The lawyer is not aware of the reason why Panahli was transferred into punishment cell.




Today, Nasimi District Court held a preliminary hearing on the criminal lawsuit filed by Turkish businessman Mustafa Tayat against the Polit-Press newspaper editor-in-chief Adalat Nabibbayli.

The plaintiff’s lawyer Vusal Dadashov, defendant Adalat Nabibbayli and media representatives were in attendance.

Defendant Nabibbayli requested time from the court to be provided with a lawyer.

The Judge Etibar Humbatov rescheduled the hearing for 7 July.

Altthough Objective TV reporters earlier appealed to the Judge for permission to film the hearing, Humbatov refused permission without any good reason.

Turkish businessman Mustafa Tayat’s lawsuit stemmed from the 18 June article of Poilt-Press newspaper titled “Which Minister in Baku supports Mustafa Tayat?”. Citing humiliation of honor and dignity Tayat sued Nabibbayli under Articles 147 (libel) and 148 (insult) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

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