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Temiz Dunya (Clean World) Public Union held a roundtable today as part of a 16 day campaign to combat violence against women, called "No to Violence against Women". The event followed shortly after International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which is marked annually on November 25th.

According to the head of Temiz Dunya, the most difficult step is the identification of violence. Often, victims are unwilling to speak out, out of a sense of obligation towards their families, or because of a sense of shame and the social stigma. The main causes of violence against women in Azerbaijan are related to jealousy and family honor. Most victims of this type of violence women aged between 38 and 71.

Mehriban Zeynalova reported on the first event of the campaign, a public awareness event called "White Carnation", which was held on November 26th. White flowers were given to passersby, and the campaign was explained. The project will also include two roundtables, during which victims of domestic violence will speak about their experiences.

Participants, led by Mehriban Zeynalova, wore make up on their faces to simulate the marks of blows, bruises and abrasions. Makeup of this kind has been adopted a kind of visual protest against violence against women. Each participant had a board with the name of the victim of violence, the cause of her death, who killed her, and where it happened. Representatives of public communities, psychologists, and lawyers who attended the event, spoke about the need for better legal and social protection of women.

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Added: 2011-11-29
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