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The Pure World public union held a roundtable at the International Press Center on ways to combat human trafficking in Azerbaijan. NGO leader Mehriban Zeynalova reported that the roundtable was organized as a part of their project on human trafficking. A special booklet on ways to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking, targeted at new migrants to Azerbaijan, has just been released. The booklets have been published in Turkish, Russian, Persian, Chinese and English, and include avoidance strategies as well as after the fact advice on whom to contact. Fuad Aliyev, a member of the Anti Human Trafficking Department said that there are currently 69 people in shelters for victims of human trafficking. 20 people have been arrested under human trafficking charges. Kamala Agayeva, head of the shelter, noted that there were 18 cases of human trafficking in 2011, seven of which occurred in Ganja. This year, however, most of the cases were in Sumgait. The head of Regional Tamas NGO Sudaba Mammadova, who participated in the event via video conferencing, said that there are many factors that lead people to become victims of human trafficking, the main one of which is poor living standards. In the majority of cases, victims have been promised that they will make a good salary. The event also touched upon domestic violence against women. It was noted that divorced women face prejudice in Azerbaijani society, and there are increasing concerns over the rising divorce rates and unofficial marriages. The need to establish shelters for human trafficking victims in the regions of Azerbaijan was also raised, and participants agreed that state bodies, local governmental and non-governmental organizations should combine their efforts in order to fight human trafficking. The group plans to hold discussions on human trafficking in the regions as well, including Gazakh, Zagatala, and Balakan.
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Added: 2012-05-29
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