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Domestic violence against women in Azerbaijan is growing every year, said Mehriban Zeynalova, the head of the Pure World NGO, at a press conference. According to Zeynalova, very few victims appeal to police for help, due to several reasons: national mentality, deficiency of female police officers, and lack of confidence in male police officers. Zeynalova says there is increasing number of women murdered or crippled during domestic violence, accompanied by growing number of suicide. The reported number of women killed during domestic violence in 2010 was 109; in 2011 the number was 135. In 2010, 65 women attempted to commit suicide. In 2010, 324 cases of domestic violence (both women and men) were recorded. Of them, 221 were murders and 103 involved an attempt to murder. As for motives, 41 cases involve “honor killing” and 31 because of jealousy; 34 women were killed by their husbands, 18 by former husbands, and others by their relatives. Among cities of Azerbaijan, Baku comes first with 63 cases of domestic violence, followed by Sumgait 14 cases, Gandja 5 cases, Shamkir 4 cases and Astara 3 cases. As for suicides, in 2010 there were 128 suicides and 52 attempted suicides. In 2011, 205 women committed suicide, and 95 tried to commit suicide. According to Zeynalova, most suicides are result of domestic violence. Other reasons for suicides include forced marriages. Experts also noted that men tend to avoid entering into marriages, in order to avoid financial liabilities in case of divorce. There also are cases of denial of paternity.
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Added: 2012-09-07
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