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A group of residents of the Khatai district of Baku held a press conference concerning their social problem at the office of IRFS. The 2-storey 12 flat building #46 located on Ilgar Habibov Street of the town NZS is in an emergency situation. The house constructed of cane filled wood was built in 1930s with a technical service life of 15 years, which ended in 1945. In addition, although there are 12 flats in the building, three to five families reside in one flat. The building underwent a deformation after the earthquake of the November 2000. Moreover the building was damaged to its fundaments after a gas explosion in 2012. The explosion was caused by the gas leakage through the cracks on the walls of the building formed after the deformation. After the explosion, the building shakes when winds blow or heavy loaded trucks pass by; rain leaks into the flats. Although for the past 7 months the residents have been appealing to all the governing agencies about the hard situation, they couldn’t get any results. The experts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations have orally admitted that the building is in an emergency situation, and living in a building like this is a real danger for the lives of the residents. But the residents were not given a written decision about the unsafe state of the building. Numerous appeals sent to the Cabinet of Ministers, the Presidential Administration and other agencies remain unanswered. As living in this building is unsafe, small kids are sent to stay at their relatives’ to avoid potential misfortune. Despite of it, Khatai District Executive Power considered the building suitable for repair. The residents unanimously rejected this decision considering it unfounded. Referring to the unsafe state of the building and expiration of its lifespan 70 years ago, they accused the regional executive authority of putting their in danger. “Despite of the country’s multi-billion incomes, the problems of just forty families are yet to be solved for now seven months. It is disrespect to citizens” said the speakers. They claimed that the governor of the Khatai district insulted them for appealing to the District Executive Power to solve their problems. The unhappy residents demand the government to provide them with a flat in another part of the city or a compensation enough to buy a new house, or accommodate them in the building constructed in the place of their demolished buildings.
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Added: 2013-07-04
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