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A group of Baku citizens held a press conference concerning the violation of their property rights. According to them, some of the buildings around the newly opened "Winter Park" are intended to be demolished. Deconstruction is unofficially led by the Mayoralty of Baku. Solmaz Gafarova, living at 183 Dilare Aliyeva Street said that the Economic-Administrative Court of Baku has a decision banning the deconstruction of their houses. However the "demolition leader" Zulfali Ismayilov ignores the court's decision. Solmaz Gafarova, not agreeing with the way Hajibala Abutalibov and Zulfali Ismayilov estimate the price of her apartment, said that she, as the owner of her house, has the right to determine her apartment's price. Member of the ruling party Gafarova lost the vision of one of her eyes, and the other eye's vision dropped to 60%. She claims that after her refusal to leave the flat a group of bandits were led into her apartment who stole a large sum. Citizen Bashkhanim Abbasova also called what is happening to them arbitrariness of officials and citizens being left face-to-face with criminal groups. There is a court decision banning the deconstruction of her apartment in 195 Dilara Aliyeva too. But this decision is also ignored. She drew the attention to the fact that property right is strongly violated in our country. It was also noted that 17 historical buildings were destroyed during the construction of the "winter boulevard". Victor Matveyev said he has been living in that building since 1959. He said his only wish was to be provided with another apartment with the same area and in the center of the city. In comparison with her neighbors Nushaba Gurbanova's situation is more unfortunate. Because the area of her apartment is small and the compensation offered for it is not enough to buy an apartment elsewhere. Her husband is a bedfast patient. She declared that she is not going to leave her apartment even if they want to demolish it while she is inside. Another complainant Sureyya Mamedova's apartment is on the Jalil Mamedguluzade Street. It's unknown who is conducting the deconstruction operation there. At first they said the buildings are demolished for the construction of a new subway station. But it turned out that this building is not situated on the planned subway lines. The residents said they will continue to challenge the issue, and appeal to the European Court, if necessary.
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Added: 2013-07-18
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