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Yesterday more than 10,000 supporters of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) gathered in a stadium located in Yasamal district of Baku for a rally. Deputy Chairman of the Popular Front Party, Sahib Karimov acted as the rally presenter. The rally was not in a traditional format, it was a chance for the NCDF candidate to meet the voters. All the slogans called for free and fair elections. Lots of banners and campaign poster were held up. According to the rally organizers, the authorities restricted access to the rally venue by blocking roads leading there. The nearby settlement Masazir was blocked off and traffic was completely hindered. Musavat Party leader Isa Gambar’s call for President Ilham Aliyev’s voluntary resignation was accompanied by a storm of applause. “In his two terms, Ilham Aliyev failed to solve a single problem of the country. Therefore it would be better if he resigned” said Gambar, urging Ilham Aliyev to declare his incomes. “Not only Ilham Aliyev, but Heydar Aliyev Foundation as well must report their incomes” underlined the Musavat leader. “If Aliyev does not resign, he will be made to” said former minister of internal affairs, Isgandar Hamidov. "For 12 minutes of his speech at a televised debate, our candidate Jamil Hasanli did more than this government has done for 20 years of its reign," said the leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Karimli, urging citizens to be active in the presidential elections. "Enough of lies and deceit, Ilham has to go," he said. The head of the movement El, Eldar Namazov said that he had just returned from a trip to the Western region of the country, where the population supports the candidacy of Jamil Hasanli. "People have told me that October 9 they will vote for Jamil Hasanli," said Namazov. In conclusion the single presidential candidate from the National Council, Jamil Hasanli spoke and called Ilham Aliyev to direct debates. "Let him face to face provide answers to questions that were asked here, let him say why for 20 years he has not liberated even 20 cm of the occupied territories," he said. Next, Hasanli expressed opinion of the voters that the people are tired of all-out injustice, greed and hypocrisy of this government. "The authoritarian regime has created a criminal pyramid, which runs the country. However, the government does not want to limit it, and this pyramid wants to direct our children, too. We cannot let that happen," said Hasanli. His speech, like other speakers, was accompanied by applause and shouts of "Freedom!" and "Resign!" Finally, the rally resolution of four points was read out, which demands the release of all political prisoners and to create conditions for transparent and democratic elections, and meetings of the candidates with the voters, and to stop using public resources in the election campaign for Ilham Aliyev.
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Added: 2013-09-23
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