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Republican Alternative (REAL) civic movement will transform into a political party. The new party's policy will be based on the movement leaders' perspectives on the future of Azerbaijan. "REAL supports Azerbaijan's transition from presidential republic to parliamentarty republic," REAL executive secretary Natig Jafarli said at a press conference on January 24. Territorial structures of the party will be equal to the number of constituencies, i.e. 125. The party also advocates reform of the territorial divison of the country, i.e. establishment of 20 or 21 provinces (El) instead of 84 current districts. The board (Majlis) will be enlarged to accept 40 new members. An initiative group will be formed until the party congress is convened. For state registration the group must consist of at least 1000 persons. The Founding Congress is considered to be held in May, 2015. But till then, REAL intends to participate in municipality elections. As of May, 2014 REAL will start preparations for Parliamentary Elections and to determine its candidates for each constituency. As a party, REAL does not intend to join any political alliance, but collaboration with political forces during the parlaiment elections is possible. The main ideology of the party is minimizing state intervention in the fields like economy, education, private life of citizens and so forth. Chief of the REAL board, Erkin Gadirli informed about the party programme. The programme embodies 4 parts: "Real Republic", "Real Securty", "Real Person" and "Real Progress." The first part is about establishment of parliamentary republic, which can be accomplished within a five year transition period. For the next presidential election due in 2018, REAL intends to nominate its leader Ilgar Mammadov, who is now in prison. Unless, he is released, an alternative candidate may run, said Erkin Gadirli. Governors of provinces will not be appointed, but elected by local people. Local authority will be given to municipalities and chief executives of cities will be mayors elected by people. "REAL Security" stipulates reforms in defense and security sectors, transition to professional army, abolition of internal troops and establishment of gendarmerie, appointment of a civilian defense minister, and transition to NATO standards. European integration and joining WTO, NATO and EU will be main priorities in foreign policy. Improving living standards, especially the level of welfare, health, education, science, culture and religion are considered in the "Real Person" part. "Real Progress" envisions implementation of liberal economic policies, advancement of free ownership, environmental protection and so on. ReaL Movement was founded in January 2009, and has 1200 members. Its leader Ilgar Mammadov was arrested on false charges after Ismayilli riot that took place in January, 2013. His trial is still ongoing.
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Added: 2014-01-26
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