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A new political party “Future Azerbaijan” (Gelejek Azerbaijan) was presented to the public on January 30, at IRFS press center. Member of the Organizing Committee of the party, Aga Abdullaoglu said the party was founded on 20 December 2013. According to him, the Board of the Organizing Committee consists of 13 people, nine of whom represent younger generation and four older. "Forty days have passed since the establishment of the party. During this period we established organizing committees in 11 districts of Baku," said Abdullaoglu. According to him, the need to create the new political party is explained by the weak activity of the opposition, except for several parties, as well as socio-political situation in the country and in the region. The party will mainly rely on youth. Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Party, 25-year-old Agasif Shakiroglu emphasized that the party will consist mainly of young people. According to him, during the last 20 years, the current opposition has led itself to “prolonged failure.” A new strategy and tactics, and new techniques are required. Agasif Shakiroglu said the party will demonstrate "integrity, determination, no comprise and conformity." It is reported that on 14 February the party congress will take place, then work will begin in regions, which is expected to be completed by May. “By 2015, we will create a large student movement. We are ambitious to become the second or even the first most important and powerful party,” said Shakiroglu. However, he stressed that the party is ready to cooperate with the real opposition parties. Responding to the question about the source of party funding, Shakiroglu said currently all the staff works for free. He rejected the claims that their sponsor is the jailed ex-minister Ali Insanov or ex-speaker Rasul Guliyev. However, he said that the party intends to fight for the return political emigrants and the release of political prisoners.
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Added: 2014-01-30
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