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There is no alternative to the European integration of Azerbaijan, this was a leitmotif of debates organized by the National Council on Friday in the Azerbaijan Media and Human Rights Center. Representatives of opposition and civil society, intellectuals and experts attended the hearings. Azerbaijan joined the European Neighborhood policy in 2004, and Eastern Partnership in 2009. Today in Brussels readmission agreement was signed between Azerbaijan and European Union. The agreement envisages simplification of visas and return of irregular migrants. After Ukrainian incidents association agreement is also theme for public discussions. "In the near future Georgia and Moldova are to sign an association agreement with EU. Ukraine's refusal to sign the agreement united nation's democracy and freedom desires and led to revolution. Azerbaijan as well should sign association agreement", member of National Council Gultakin Hajibayli noted. "Azerbaijan is interested in signing strategic partnership agreement. This is a modernization agreement and is of quite a different nature. It is the association agreement which meets our interests, as it envisions complete integration with Europe", said Leila Aliyeva, head of the Center for National and International Studies. During the hearing, it was noted that over the last 20 years, under the current government, Azerbaijan has increasingly rolled back from European values towards authoritarianism. "Among six Eastern Partnership countries, Azerbaijan does better than only Belarus. But Belarus already precedes Azerbaijan in electoral system. We should draw a conclusion from this", Aliyeva added. Among Post Soviet countries, Azerbaijan suffered the heaviest blow for the sake of European values. In return, Azerbaijan received less support from Europe. In regard of Azerbaijan, European Union prefers energy corporation to democratic values. "Armenia has been gradually becoming the part of Russia. Nevertheless attitude of EU still remains unchangeable towards this country. Most part of income of Azerbaijani population comes from Russia. No effect of EU is sensed to solution of conflicts in Georgia and Azerbaijan. From this point of view, electors of Azerbaijan thinks whether membership to the EU will contribute to fair solution of Nagorno-Karabakh problem. The EU's distanced relationship with the country's democratic forces doesn't give hope to the electors, either", noted the chairman of the Board of REAL movement, Erkin Gadirli. "Money of Azerbaijan's bribe taking, corrupt officials is not in the banks of Russia or China. They keep their money in European, American banks. Then they loan this money to Azerbaijan at interest as an investment", the lawyer Aslan Ismayilov said. "Democratic forces should convince the people of Azerbaijani that integration with the Europe will change your life, will put end to corruption and bribe, and will save the country from the rule of a clan. Interests of EU and Azerbaijani people in democratization coincide", the deputy chief of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, Fuad Gahramanli noted. It was also stated that the process of European integration will grow stronger. It will bring to clash of interests between Europe and Azerbaijan authorities. It may happen in 2015. Besides, pressures put on Ukraine showed that pressure on Azerbaijan will also increase. And this pressure should be expected mainly from Russia.
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Added: 2014-02-28
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