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Residents of a 9-storey building based on 15 Mikail Huseynov street in Sabail district held a press conference at IRFS on March 5. Dweller Arzu Babayeva noted that in November of 2013 the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) worked out an act about unsafe condition of the building, which was not shown to the residents. According to her, the act was prepared based on "observation from a distance." According to the residents, in 2012, right before the Eurovision" song contest, the very MES judged the building as safe. Since the act was compiled, members of Sabail District Executive branch have been demanding to evacuate apartments. The police also put pressure on inhabitants. They have been intimidated that if they do not leave the building voluntarily, they will be evicted with scandal. Unknown people enter the empty apartments and damage the walls with heavy equipments trying to create a look as if the building is really unsafe. The roof has been destroyed. The dwellers say if it rains there will be serious leakage on the 9th floor. "We have appealed to all responsible bodies about this unlawfulness. But no one responds to us. Representatives of Sabail District Executive branch intimidated to cut our electricity, gas and water supply if we did not vacate the building soon," the residents said. According to them, they are offered 1,500 manat per square meter of their apartments. But they refuse compensation, asking apartments near the city center, where they currently live. Lawyer Emin Abbasov has already appealed to the Baku Economic Administrative Court #1on behalf of the residents, and preliminary hearing have been fixed to March 13. Demolition of residential houses has been conducted massively since 2006. In most cases, it does not happen by mutual consent. In Fuzuli, Badalbayli streets and other places people were forcibly evicted and houses were torn down. Right now "Soviet" residential unit, one of the historical place of Baku, expects the same fate. All the conflicts arise from a fixed compensation rate set by the government, which is no more than 1500 manat per one square meter. The government does not heed the calls for fair compensation.
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Added: 2014-03-05
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