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On March 14, the results of alternative investigation into the explosion in Popular Front Party's headquarter and subsequent demolition of the building were presented in the press center of the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety by the Preventive Journalist Group. Demolition of the building where APFP office temporarily resides is carried out illegally, reads the report of the Preventive Response Group (PRG). Report authors say it is unlikely that the explosion was caused by unsafe usage of gas equipment and the building was demolished because there was a risk of collapsing. "Most probably the explosion was committed on purpose to make APFP change address once again", the report stated. PRG was established right after the explosion by journalists, experts and lawyers due to increased public interest in the incident. Opposition groups, Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, National Council and Musavat assessed this as a government provocation. The owner of the building housing the headquarter, Azar Asgarov opined that the building's basement was exploded by the governmental bodies, namely, by order of the Minister of Emergency Situations, Kamaladdin Heydarov. Head of the PRG, journalist Afgan Mukhtarli pointed out that in October of 2013 Azar Asgarov rented two floors of the building to the APFP, whereas the basement housed the office of hairdresser, storehouse of construction tools and real estate brokers. Blowup happened at about 4 pm on March 3. On that day Nuru Nuruzade and Ruslan Nasirli, members of APFP Youth Committee were on vigil in APFP officer. According to them, they heard 3 explosions with short pauses. They called out the fire brigade which arrived after 20 minutes and prevented spread of the fire. The firefighters said that explosion was caused by misuse of a gas cylinder. The police also appeared after some time. But they went away as soon as the fire was put out. PRG inspected the basement, took photos and video recordings of the place and interviewed the witnesses and the other tenants of the building. Two propane cylinders were found in front of the building. One of them was exploded, the other was intact. The broken one was rusty and full of sand and rubbish. Judging by the rusty parts it can be assumed that it exploded long ago. It was found out that neither the hairdressers nor the storehouse used gas cylinders. District police officer also noted that cylinders were thrown close to the building afterwards. According to the tenant of hairdressers, Muradov, brokers did not use gas cylinders either. But PRG members could not talk to them, because after explosion they did not show up. Law enforcement agencies and the Ministry of Emergency Situations started inspection in the scene only on March 3 at 12:30. Law enforcement agencies did nothing to find out the real causes of the incident. They did not take witness statements or look for the brokers. One of the police officers noted that on the day of the incident surveillance cameras were not working. Interestingly, two days before the incident the guard of the office, Tazakhan Miralamli was detained under false charges. The building owner Azar Asgarov said that not long ago an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) warned him about the consequences of renting the office to APFP. On March 4, Narimanov District executive branch ordered demolition of the building, based on a telephone message from the MES. According to lawyer Fuad Agayev, demolition is implemented in violation of the provisions of the Constitution, Property Code and Apartment Code. According to the legislation, property owner must be warned about the dangerous condition of the building, and take measures to eliminate this. If repair is impossible, residents must be evacuated for their safety, but the decision on demolition must be made by the court. The report further stated that demolition of offices and houses of the government's political rivals in Azerbaijan happened in the past, too. As such on 11 August 2011, office of the Peace and Democracy Institute, which was private property of its director Leila Yunus, and houses of Open Society Party activist Ali Rza Mukhtar and former head of the Musavat Party Youth Committee Tural Abbasli were demolished. Speaking at the event, PDI director Yunus drew attention to the non-implementation of court rulings on payment of indemnity. APFP leader Ali Karimli said that the report of the PRG proves that explosion was not accidental, but a purposeful provocation against his party. "During the rule of Aliyev regime APFP was moved from its premises for five times. It reveals the ruling regime's fear of competition. By forcible seizure of apartments and commercial properties, the authorities totally violate the property rights. APFP will seek remedy in court," Karimli said.
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Added: 2014-03-17
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