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On March 28, Baku resident Veronica Tarbaeva held a press conference at Press Center of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety on violation of her property rights. Telling her story Tarbaeva said that in June of 2012 she rented a press-kiosk for business purposes near the Neftchiler metro station. She paid 1,000 manat as a monthly rent until August, but in September she was required 1,500 manat. She agreed to pay that amount, but required a receipt in return. After this talk, on September 4, the kiosk that Tarbaeva rented was removed with the goods that she values at 11,000 manat without any warning and taken to the depot of the Baku City Trade Department. Tarbaeva demands repayment for the damage. Tarbaeva has been fighting for her rights for now 2 years. After her repeated complaints to the law enforcement agencies, in December of 2013 she was paid 5,000 for the loss and in February of 2014 the remaining 6,300 manat. But the tenant is not satisfied with this. She now demands a receipt for the 1000 manat rent she paid in 2012, or return of the money. Apart from being a cancer patient, Tarbaeva says she looks after her other ailing family members and this kiosk was her only source of income. “I wanted to work legally, in return I was deprived of my property rights. But I am not going to put up with this. I will continue my struggle until my rights are restored”, said Tarbaeva.
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Added: 2014-03-31
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