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On April 17 members of "Lezgi" Mosque community held a press conference at the press center of IRFS on the serious pressure that Sunni religious communities have been exposed recently. Members of the community claim that they have faced unfair treatment. As an example they cited closure of the settlement mosques like "Martyrs", "Abubakr", and "Mushfigabad". The shutdown of these mosques was considered groundless. The reason for this was believed to be Sunnis who prayed in these mosques. It was also claimed that leadership of Caucasus Muslims Office (CMO), State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations made a joint decision to shut down the aforementioned mosques. The Sunnis stated that they are exposed to pressure due to being different from the Shiah and for living life according to the Koran and Prophet Muhammad's (P.B.U.H.) sayings. Community members expressed their concerns over media and society calling them wahhabi, khavarij, and takfirist. As for the issue of religious communities' registration, it was noted that Shiah communities are registered, while Sunni communities are not. Faig Mustafa stated that the organization he heads was not registered. He linked this with the leadership of the CMO who purposefully does not present the registration documents to the religious committee. It was also claimed that as Sunni and Shiah pray differently they cannot pray in the same mosque. "Just as the Catholic, Baptist and Protestant pray in their own churches, Sunni and Shiah also need to pray in their own mosques. It is so in the whole world, and it must be so in our country as well", said the lawyer Elman Osman. It was stated that 35 percent of Azerbaijan's population consists of Sunnis. Despite increase in the number of Sunni Muslims, the number of Sunni mosques is not increasing. People gather at homes as there are limited mosques and because of this they are persecuted by the police. It was also noted that there was no imam of Sunni Community. Community members also commented on the believers fighting in Syria. The Community does not own the responsibility for those who fight there. Mustafa even said that there are more Shiah fighters than Sunni fighters in Syria. In the press conference it was also discussed that some religious people are exposed to pressure in Salyan. Fuzuli Agamali, who is exposed to such pressure, linked this with his belief. "I pray in a Turkish way not in the Persian way, this is why I am not allowed to the mosques", he said. As a result, community members said that the head of the country Ilham Aliyev is not aware of these pressures against them and they want to be heard by the president.
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Added: 2014-04-18
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