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On 28 June, at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, head of the Azerbaijani delegation at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Deputy Speaker of Azerbaijani Parliament Bahar Muradova proposed expansion of powers of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly's representative for the South Caucasus Joao Suares in order to facilitate the resolution of the conflicts in the region,. According to Muradova, OSCA PA does not work eagerly towards resolution of conflicts in South Caucasus. She noted that, despite the efforts of the OSCE Minsk Group for resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, there are no results so far. In turn, President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, the Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic spoke about plans to increase activity in the field of conflict resolution. Krivokapic believes that it "would be very useful" if the OSCE Representative on the South Caucasus became more active. A draft resolution on the violation of the Helsinki principles by the Russian Federation and an additional item was proposed for inclusion in PA Session's agenda. The main author of the document was Benjamin Cardin from the United States. The draft document noted that the OSCE PA "condemns the obvious, gross and uncorrected violations of the Helsinki principles of the Russian Federation with respect to Ukraine, including a particularly egregious violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country." The Assembly believes that "the Crimea referendum held March 16, 2014 is illegitimate and illegal act, the results of which have no legal force." The draft calls on all OSCE countries to refuse to recognize the Russian annexation of the Crimea. The draft resolution decries military intervention to Ukraine carried out by the forces controlled by Russia. The document calls for Russia to "cease its interference in Ukraine, and bring their actions in relations with Ukraine and with all OSCE states in accordance with the Helsinki principles." The Standing Committee of the OSCE PA has included an additional item and the draft resolution entitled "The obvious, gross and uncorrected violations of the Helsinki principles of the Russian Federation", proposed by the American parliamentarian, Benjamin Cardin, in the agenda of the opening 23rd session held in Baku by 30 votes "for" and 5 votes "against." The number of abstained delegations was not counted. During the discussions, head of the Russian delegation Alexei Pushkov opposed the issue. He argued that there was no invasion of Russia in Ukraine, and an invasion is "typical" for U.S. foreign policy. Pushkov also accused the OSCE of double standards and ignoring the territorial integrity of Serbia (Kosovo case.) The head of the Azerbaijani delegation, Bahar Muradova supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but opposed the adoption of the draft resolution as proposed. Muradova called wrong a selective approach to the territorial integrity of the OSCE participating States, saying that for 22 years Azerbaijan has been raising the issue of violation of its territorial integrity, but does not find adequate support. She advised that either the American parliamentarian should finalize the draft resolution and include points relating to the conflicts in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova or the draft resolution should be removed from the agenda of the 23rd session of the NATO, finalized and submitted to the next session. However, the vast majority of panelists favored the inclusion of this draft resolution in the agenda. Part of parliamentarians noted the possibility of amendments relating to other conflicts. Only the head of the Armenian delegation, Artashes Geghamyan, opposed. He also complained that the speakers talking about the principle of territorial integrity, forget about the right of nations to self-determination. Geghamyan also stated that the adoption of the resolution could do "harm" to the peace process in the East of Ukraine.
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