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Blogger Mehman Huseynov abducted this morning was taken to the 22nd police station of Nasimi district, where he was questioned and released. Commenting on the incident, Huseynov said: "I ​​was detained by six people in civilian clothes and one police officer without explanation. The police chief of the 22nd station told me that my work is monitored, "you're a good guy, but you criticize too much," he said. Next, he was taken to the Nasimi district police office, where the investigator Babak Rustamov said that they had received a complaint against Mehman Huseynov from the owner of some shop. On April 11, Mehman allegedly was in this store in order to prepare a report about the bars located near the shop and required them to confirm that these places are bordellos controlled by the Nasimi district police chief. The journalist called it slander, saying that he generally does not shoot anything beyond the Sabail district and is not an investigative journalist. He was not in this store at the specified time. Data from the security cameras that document everyone coming to and out of the IRFS office and the cameras in the area near the store can easily confirm this. Mehman Huseynov. who publishes photos and videos exposing illegal actions of the police in his blog Sanjag, sees today's detention as pressure on himself. Note that on June 18 Mehman Huseynov was summoned to the Nasimi district police office. The summon was sent to him by the senior investigator of the investigation department, Captain Babak Rustamov. When it turned up that the summons was written incorrectly, the investigator cancelled it.
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Added: 2014-07-07
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